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My Prayer Written By Gerald W. Thomas

Abba Father, please make all of Your Kadoshim [Set-Apart Ones] immune to the actions of the enemy. When he strikes at us, let not his venom harm us. When he trips us up, let our feet find refuge and strength on Your solid and narrow path that goes in cycles over and over again that we do not stray to the right or left.

When he lies to us, let our ears spit out his lies before they ever reach our heart, let those lies be penetrated and destroyed with the Dividing Line of the Breath of Life - Your Word living in us.

When he poisons us with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (I John 2), let us NOT drink his poison, but be immune to his powers and plans against us. For we are Yours, YAHUWAH Elohim, and it is Your GRACE (withheld deserved judgment) and MERCY (unmerited favor) that protects us and provide us with the power of Your Ruach HaKodesh (Set-Apart Spirit)!

ABBA Father, send the refiner’s fire and launderer’s soap upon us, purge us of all impurities and imperfections and immerse us with Fire from the Set Apart Ruach Ha-Kodesh. We take the axe and cut the roots of all evil fruit in us and pluck up all the roots, thorns, seeds and evil fruit that ha-Satan has sown in our lives and ask You to burn it up.

Wash us in the Blood of the Lamb, cleanse us by washing us with the Water through the Word, Clothe us in garments of Salvation and wrap us in Robes of Righteousness. We present ourselves to You as a Virgin Bride, Radiant Member of the Body of the Messiah, Set Apart and blameless, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish.

We command all the broken and fragmented pieces of our Souls to be returned to us repaired and Restored by our Master Physician making us complete and whole.

Send forth Your Set Apart Messengers (angels) of war to walk with us, minister, guard and protect us so we will not stumble or fall. Rescue us from every evil attack.

We will prosper in all things and be in good health as our souls now prospers.

Love, Truth, Righteousness and Justice shall prevail and when all else is gone, all that is left is “LOVE” so that we will bear good and perfect fruit that will last forever.

To our ABBA Father be all the Glory, Honor and Praise, in the Mighty Name and Precious Blood of His Son, Yahushua, Yahmeiyn.

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