Making your own Tzitzits

 Making your own Tzitzits

Tzitzits are very easy to make,

Wool yarn or cotton should be used, I use wool, I use the red heart brand at Wal-Mart, I have been told it is kosher, medium worsted for crochet,

You should have 16 Strings in total (4 for each corner) included in the 16 strings you will be 4 blue strings which are a little longer in size. These 4 blue strings are known as the "Shamas" strings and will be used to tie around the 3 remaining strings for each corner.

You will have 12 white strings, and 4 blue

3 white + 1 blue =4

Cut all the white strings the same length, now cut the blue several inches longer, {12 to 18 inches longer} more or less with be determined by you.

First step is to push three regular strings and one "Shamas" {the blue string} through a corner of the garment. Does not matter which one you start with. You can loop all these strings around chair leg, or use anything to hold the strings tight enough for you to work them

Make sure that the white strings are all equal in length, with the "Shamas" {blue string} being a little larger. You should have 7 strings of equal length and one long blue one.

Separate the strings and tie a knot twice with the two groups, {Making sure the blue string is included in all the knots} As you tie each knot you should say "Leshem Mitzvas Tzitzis" - For the purpose of the commandment of making tzitzis.

Take the "Shamas" blue string and wrap it around the remaining strings 7 times.

Now tie another double knot {2 knots} {Making sure the blue string is included in all the knots} just like before like the first set

Now going further up. Wrap the "Shamas" blue string around the other strings 8 times, snubbing it up just under your knot.

Now tie another set of double knots.

Wrap "Shamas" {blue string} 11 times. Tie another double knot.

Snubbing the "Shamas" {blue string} up to the knot wrap the blue string around 13 times.

Tie another double knot. You should now have one corner of your garment complete.

The strings should be hanging loose, with 5 knots and wraps at 7,8,11 and 13. Repeat all these steps for the remaining corners. When the garment is fully completed with all strings wrapped an knotted.

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